My Bowling Outlook

USBC open , zack My Bowling outlook

I am dedicated to the sport of bowling. Bowling has been a passion of mine since I was 10 when I started. Bowling has taught me to grow up as a person. Through the various tournaments I’ve competed in I have experienced failure, embarrassment and ridicule. Despite how bad I would feel or when I was discouraged from a rough tournament. I never once wanted to quit even if the words came out of my mouth. I have found myself in a bowling alley just about every day for as long as I can remember. For me practicing and drilling bowling balls is how I learn the sport. The joy I get from throwing a new ball has never ceased to grow more and more every time, as my dad would say “he’s a kid in a candy store”. One thing that is unique about my bowling is that i research it. Meaning i conduct experiments all the time in my practices on how bowling works and how to do specific things to a bowling ball. That is my favorite part about bowling I can walk into a bowling alley and just invent something new to me or try to master topics of the game itself.

By Michael Coffey


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